Microfinance Council of the Philippines

Theme: Embracing New Milestones and Challenges in Philippine Microfinance
When: 27 – 28 July 2017
Where: Century Park Hotel, Manila

About the Conference

The Microfinance Council of the Philippines, Inc. (MCPI) will hold its 2017 Annual Conference with the theme Embracing New Milestones and Challenges in Philippine Microfinance. The microfinance sector in the Philippines has come a long way. From the early years of replicating the Grameen Bank model in the 1980s, Philippine microfinance has experienced the emergence of new business models and development of more financial products and services for different client needs and for various market segments. Regulators also played a key role in this development. For the past three years (2014-2016), the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has ranked the Philippines as the top country in Asia, and third in the world, with the most conducive environment for financial inclusion.

The conference aims to discuss milestones in regulation, products and services, partnerships, and investments in the Philippine microfinance sector and how microfinance players have responded to challenges in serving poor and low-income clients.

The conference is MCPI’s annual event that brings together 400 microfinance stakeholders representing practitioners (microfinance NGOs, banks and cooperatives), funders, government institutions, donors, investors and other developmental organizations.

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